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What do I specialize in as a career coach?

While you may know that I am a career coach, you may be wondering who my ideal client is or who I have found success in working with.

After successfully navigating career pivots myself, I am most passionate about supporting people who know they want to make a career change but aren’t sure where to start or what they want to do.

Do you know you want to change but you are terrified of doing it? I have been there.

I truly believe from my own experience and hearing other’s stories that many of us pick our career by guessing, feeling pressured into something or just falling into it. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but you may not end up in a job you really like as a result. Many times, people follow a career path, and they end up loving it but if you are anything like me, sometimes life happens and the job you started out in no longer fits who you are anymore.

If you realize that the degree you studied in college or the job you have been working in for a decade(s) no longer align with you, let’s chat. I can help break down the process and help make it feel less daunting.

My ideal client is open to self-reflection, exploring careers, personal values, is not in a rush to find their next role and is willing to put in the work. For those who want to make a full career change, I recommend giving yourself 6 months to go through the process and DO NOT quit your job. If you are miserable, we can talk about ways to manage that as well.

Sometimes getting the courage to think about leaving is a huge step and I can help support you through that as well.

Change is scary and daunting for many people. Most people avoid change like the plague and the reality is that sometimes it’s a health scare, passing of a loved one who died too soon or some other major life event that causes the shift in you and pushes you to make a change.

If you need help figuring out a career that fits, we can use the Strong Interest Inventory® as a starting point. I love this assessment because it provides actual jobs that align with your personality and what you like to do. We then work together to explore different career paths and figure out which new careers seem most aligned with you and what you want. Once you feel excited about the career paths that you have identified, we work towards the application piece. We do interview prep, resume and cover letter review to make sure you are all set to find the next job you will love.

I am there along the way to help support you through all the feels. Like any change, you will have moments of doubt and rejection, but I am that’s where I can help as a coach. I am confident that we will reach the finish line where you can finally get to the celebrations when you secure that new role.

If you think you could use my support or know someone that could benefit from my services, please share this with them.

I am happy to schedule a free 15-minute chat to ensure we are a good fit and make sure that I am the best person to support you.

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