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Meet Jackie

Certified Career Coach and Strong Interest Inventory® Certified Practitioner


I am Jackie and I am a Certified Career Coach, Certified Career Transition Coach and Strong Interest Inventory ®  Certified Practitioner.

After graduating college, I started my career in corporate insurance and risk management. Don't get me wrong, it was a great career and one I could have done very well in, but it was the path I felt like I should pursue after another plan I had fell through. After about 10 years in insurance, something was missing which led me to do my own career exploration through a career coach. After some reflection and a lot of exploration, I pivoted into the non-profit sector. I loved my time there but I was still unhappy and felt like there was something else. I found coaching and loved it!

We all have stories of why we initially pick a career and if you are like me, you have an a-ha moment or a quiet whisper inside telling you that the path you are on isn't for you.

That is where I come in! If you feel lost or unsure of where to start with a career change or you need general support with your career, it's completely normal. I have been in your shoes and I would love to support you as you embark on your journey of exploration! 


For those looking to transition in their careers, I help my clients identify their values, what's important to them in a career,  what jobs align with who they are, their interests, passions and where they want to go. Together we will go beyond a resume review process. We will dive deep and work together to find a career that fulfills you and helps you to redefine your path.

If you need more general career coaching support to advance in your career or improve your work satisifcation, let's chat@

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Strong Interest Inventory Certified
Coach Certification
Giving Back

Giving Back

As part of my personal commitment to making this world a better place, I will donate a portion of my proceeds annually to organizations that are near and dear to my heart including: 

10,000 Degrees

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