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Persevering through a career change

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Perseverance can be hard for a lot of reasons. Many times, it feels easier to quit rather than to push through the resistance you are facing. This may happen throughout your career and life but especially when you are trying to change careers.

If you are working on a career change, I guarantee there will be moments of rejections and that can be tough. At times it can feel pointless to keep going and I am sure you will want to give up throughout the process.

I have been there. When I was transitioning from my corporate role into non-profit, I faced a number of challenges. The first was the non-response and then the high of getting the interview but then hearing I wasn’t moving forward because I didn’t have the experience. I still remember wondering why I got the interview when my resume clearly showed that I didn’t have the experience. The second was the push back from friends and family questioning my decision and that felt very isolating at times.

If you are facing these challenges right now or others, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are experiencing the same thing.

You might be wondering ok, now what? My recommendations are:

1)  Keep going- I know it’s hard but you certainly won’t achieve your career change if you don’t keep trying.

2) Bring your mindset back to positivity- trust that the right organization WILL absolutely see your worth and will take a chance on you. It might be helpful to create a list of encouraging quotes or a vision board to help remind yourself of why you are pursuing the change. If you keep your “why” behind this change top of mind, that will help you in the low moments.

If you are feeling really defeated, try asking yourself what is one thing you can do to change your mindset or bring more positivity? Maybe it’s doing something kind for someone else? Research shows that helping others improves our mood.

3) Seek out inspirational stories- find people who have made a big change in their lives. It could be in a career or life in general. Hearing others' stories of their success and how they persevered through the hard times always brought me hope that I would be able to realize the change I was going after.

Lastly, if you need someone to be a sounding board and help you get back to a positive mindset as you navigate your career change, please feel free to reach out. I would be happy to have a quick chat and help you.

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