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It’s never too late to find a new path….

I have been thinking a lot of the paths we take as we enter the working world and how people choose careers.

If all had gone according to my original plan, I would have gone into corporate recruiting. As life goes for many of us, something brings us in different directions; it could be societal pressure, family expectations or being afraid to follow your dreams. For me, it was thinking that I was moving to Texas after graduation, chasing the boyfriend I had fallen in love at the time.

When that suddenly fell apart, I found myself working after graduation at the insurance broker I had taken as my back-up plan. I could have pursued something different but am glad that I ended up where I did. I had a wonderful career in insurance and risk management; I learned so much, gained a lot of knowledge and skills and met some amazing people that I still am friends with today.

In the last six years after a lot of personal reflection, I have continued to find myself on a weaving path going from insurance to non-profit to exploration and now towards coaching. At times, these decisions have been hard as not everyone in my world has understood why I would leave stable careers and continue making changes. It’s been hard to receive the pushback but I have kept going because I knew I needed to try it for myself.

If you are at a similar place in your journey but you are afraid to make a change, I want to share a quote that I hope resonates with you. I challenge you to take one step or action towards the thing that you know you want to do even if you are scared and others don’t understand.

Feel free to reach out for support if you need it!

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