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Welcome to Redefine Your Path Coaching

Let's Redefine Your Path Together!

Meet Jackie

Certified Career Coach

Do you wake up every week dreading to go to work?

Feeling unsatisfied with your job and unsure where to go next?

Know you need to make a change but you are terrified to do it?

I am here to help YOU!

After a decade working in corporate insurance and risk management and five years in the non-profit sector, I decided to become a career coach because I wanted to help others like me who were not happy in their jobs and knew there was something different they were meant to be doing.

After hearing many stories about people being confused or hating their job, I wanted to use my experience with multiple career changes myself to help others find a career that truly brings them joy, fulfillment and meaning.


Life is too short not to, right?

What I Specialize In

Identifying your values and aligned career path

Strong Interest Inventory ® Practitioner

Mid-Career Professionals

Support from career identification to your dream job

Career Transition Process

"Jackie has been instrumental in helping me to discern the new direction of my career as I re-enter the workforce after having children. Through her patient prompts and suggestions, she has helped me to identify which workplace conditions are most important to me.  Jackie has supported my journey as I investigate various paths that utilize my prior experience. I look forward to the clear action items she provides during our consultations. I would definitely recommend Jackie to anyone seeking career guidance."

- Lauren V.

“Jackie will meet you where you are with clear vision and kindness. Bless her for her patience with me. When I get overwhelmed with life or my own ideas of what a career “should look like.” Jackie reigns me in with gentle encouragement and reminds me who I am and what matters to me, based on a lot of data. She keeps me on task. I feel very fortunate having the opportunity to work with Jackie and hope to continue to do so. She is punctual, responsive and an invaluable resource.”

- Gina S.

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